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If you require papers served like Family Law, Civil, Federal, Superior, Subpoenas, Unlawful Detainers, Restraining Orders, 3-day notices, Bank Levys, Wage Garnishments, give us a call right now (626) 923-9558. If you have multiple defendants, send your service of process request via mail. If you have more than one defendant requiring servicing, the mailing of your documents is most practical. Please include a check made payable to LA Process Servers along with a process server instruction page. Emailing your documents to is another option.

United States Courier Service  Court Document Pick-up. ($85.00 DV | $85.00 CH serving fee not included.) This is for Temporary Restraining Orders Civil and Domestic, landlords needing the eviction process.
(2 Hour Pick Up and 2 Hour Delivery)

Fed Ex Overnight (Email the Tracking number to:
UPS - Email Tracking Number.
Priority Mail (United States Postal Service)- Email date mailed.
Express Mail (United States Postal Service) - Email date mailed.


​We have thousands of satisfied customers. Our
process servers are bonded and registered and ready to
process your time-critical order today. Give us a call now.


  • Process Services

  • Document Delivery Services

  • Pro Per Court Filing Services (ie: Unlawful Detainer Answer)

  • Document Retrieval Services (Dispositions and Judgement)

  • Skip Tracing for Out-of-Town Defendants or Defendants who have moved or have a PO
    Box as an address.

  • Courier and Messenger Services (Courtroom courtesy notices) and other messenger

  • Document Prep Services including filing and serving papers $400.00

  • Stake Outs (This includes out of area services over 45 minutes drive time one way)

  • Special Event Services of Process (Special meets and exchanges) ie: children at a police
    station, concerts, airports.

  • Process Server

  • Legal Document Delivery

  • Court Papers

  • Subpoena Service

  • Legal Notice Delivery

  • Skip Tracing

  • Registered Agent

  • Summons and Complaint

  • Service of Process

  • Process Serving Company

  • Eviction Notice

  • Small Claims Court

  • Serve Divorce Papers

  • Affidavit of Service

  • Legal Support Services

  • Process Server Near Me

  • Process Server Cost

  • Same-Day Service

  • Professional Process Servers

  • Court Filing Assistance

  • Certified Process Server

  • Fast and Reliable Process Service

  • Notary Services

  • Document Retrieval

  • Personal Service of Legal Documents

  • Legal Courier

  • Civil Process Server

  • Family Court Papers

  • Witness Subpoenas

  • Process Server FAQ

  • Service Area (e.g., specific cities or regions you cover)

  • Serving Businesses and Individuals

  • Experienced Process Servers

  • Serve and File

  • Confidential and Discreet

  • Legal Compliance

  • Rush Service

  • Process Serving Resources

  • Legal Support Team

  • Court-Approved Process Server


Legal Research and Writing


For quick status updates use one of the following methods below

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Mail: 3006 S. Vermont Ave, # 241

Los Angeles, Ca 90007

Marble Surface

Toll Free (626) 923-9558

Fax. (213) 289-2829

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