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Process Servers     Service of process Requests. 

We can serve any lawsuit filed in any courthouse in the world, including overseas courthouses. If you want to process your defendant in Los Angeles, please email your documents to Another option is to mail, deliver, or have your documents picked up by our courier. Address your envelope to 3006 S. Vermont Ave. STE 241 Los Angeles, CA 90007. Please include your payment with all service of process requests sent to our firm by mail.

Process Servers Court Services Department of Los Angeles California: 

Service of Process Requests. This section of our department specializes in utilizing seasoned, experienced process servers for all family law matters. The delivery of time-sensitive court documents of Family Law matters including ALL but not limited to: restraining orders, child custody paperwork, visitation paperwork, mediation paperwork, income and expense declaration paperwork, civil harassment restraining order paperwork, domestic violence
paperwork, contempt orders
for either ex-spouse or significant other, paternity test verification paperwork, Department of Children's Services Service of Process requests for Child Support. Family law matters begin at only $85.00 and are served the same day of submission to our firm. Proofs of service are filed at the courthouse upon completion or you may opt to file the proof of service at your convenience.
Copy Services: Get your documents copied and re-faxed to your location.
Fax Services: Get your documents faxed or emailed to any location.
Advancement of Witness Fees: For those subpoenas that require a witness fee in advance.
Stakeouts: We provide the service of staking out a person's known location in order to affect the legal process service.
Private Investigative Services: We help you locate individuals who may have skipped town.
Execution of Judgement: We can get your court-ordered judgment paid.
Notary Services: If you need those documents notarized.



Los Angeles County Department of Court Filing Services: (323) 632-5025


Court Filing: For court documents needing the initial filing in order to be served. The court needs the original signature
with wet ink. $85.00 courthouse filing fee. (Any filing fees must be accompanied with a check made payable to
The Los Angeles Superior Court in the amount of the filing fee. Filing fees may be checked by clicking this link >>>
Los Angeles Superior Court Filing Fees)
Courier Delivery: Court documents courier delivered and served after they have been filed.
Line Standing Service: For those days you just can't make it to court on time. We can hold your place for you.
Process Server Service: If you are suing someone, let us serve the documents for you.



Studio and Tape County Couriers & Messenger Service: 


First Class Messenger Delivery. Time-sensitive and critical delivery of small and large items.
Mail Collection Services. Just give us the key and we will do the rest.
Next Day Delivery. For those items needing to be delivered the next day on time.
International Delivery. We pick up. We ship.
Process Server Service. Subpoenas, 3 days, 30 days, and civil cases.




United States Courier Service's Services: (323) 632-5025


First Class Messenger and Courier Deliveries. This is for Non-Civil and Non-Family Law Services. Courier rates
begin at just $45 and may be paid by credit debit or check. Return deliveries of the item will be an additional $45.00 charged.
State Runs: Get delivered into different States. Pickups in different states and delivered to the State of choice. $65/Hour.
International Delivery. For those overseas shipments. Please call for more details on International Deliveries.        
Production Studio Delivery. Time-sensitive and high-priority DVD and CD deliveries. Including high-security pre-released DVD delivery.
Process Server Service. Court documents served to businesses and individuals. $85.00 plus $2 handling $4 processing and a $0.50/page print fee. To avoid the extra assessments, please mail all documents for serving to be served to:





Process Servers Court Services Department of Los Angeles California
3006 S. Vermont Ave. # 241 Los Angeles, CA 90007

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