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Process Server Serving Summons
Proof of service filed free of charge for all cases. 

Welcome to the Los Angeles County Process Servers Department:


Same Day Service

Los Angeles, CA

Call and complete your
order today.

We know about the limited
time frame you have to
deliver your
to the

From start to finish, our
department will attempt to serve your
documents when you need

them to be.
We locate difficult

defendants and
respondents. Our
process servers are
confident in providing
you the
proof of service
required for your case
today.  With 19 years
under our belt, we have
thousands of satisfied
customers. We are
ready to take on your
request. Call now and
order today.

What We Do Here
at the Department.

We provide
professional services
for attorneys
. Our
professional services
cover all of 
Angeles County
surrounding locations.
Our agents perform

court services like
courthouse filings for
self litigants and
if requested
even at a moment's
notice. We offer these
services for most
counties located in

California. So you can
documents filed,
served anywhere in the
USA at excellent rates.
Order by phone or
email right from your
home or office. 

San Diego, CA
Attorneys Welcome

Our process servers
have served many
cases for the county
of San Diego.  If your
attorney or self-litigant, upload from our website. If you are
attorney located in
the San Diego area,
we welcome you. We
will provide you the
proof services upon submission of your order.

San Francisco

There are a lot of San
Francisco Attorneys

who have used our
process services.
attorneys are
satisfied customers. If
you are looking for an
service from our
department, contact
us today. 


Listed below are the court documents we serve. Click each link for more information.

Plaintiff's Claim and Order to Defendant (Small Claims)
$65 first attempt and $10 for each additional attempt. This includes a 15 min. wait at intercoms, gates, 
We serve small claims documents for ALL courthouses. Proofs of services are filed free of charge.
Serve small claims by calling our office and sending the papers by email. have it served today and save time. 

Civil Summons and Complaints
$65 first attempt and $10 for each additional attempt. 
Superior, Civil, Federal court cases.
Specializing in high important profile cases in serving summons and complaints. If they are evading service, our process servers with
their unlimited attempts will catch them. (Additional fees may apply)

Family Law Complaints, Child Custody, Order to Show Cause and

Spousal Support Suits
Same day service for all family law cases only.  $84.99 Secured entrance $35/Hr
Very experienced in serving family law summons cases. Notice of hearings, child custody, child modification cases, parentage acts, mediation, initial family law proceedings.

Subpoena Civil (Duces Tecum; Disposition; Criminal)
$65 first attempt and $10 for each additional attempt.
Make the defendant go to court to answer questions, bring documents, files, and recordings,

or testify as a witness. Subpoena Witness fee advancements available $25/check.

DV: Order To Show Cause and Temporary Orders
Domestic violence restraining orders. Leave it to us. $84.99 to start.
Get a hearing about the respondent's activities and conduct that is harassing and annoying you.
Restrain the annoying behavior prior to the court date. And gain the peaceful property of your dwelling.

Order to Appear for Examination
$65 first attempt and $10 for each additional attempt. You have the judgment and now it's time to move forward with the collection.
Process Service for the Defendant or Plaintiff
The process server served an order of examination to collect on your judgment. Order of examination is
served personal service only and may require an experienced process server to complete.

Earnings Withholding Order
$64.99 Can be performed by mail or personal service to the employer. Have no more trouble
with your child support process service.
Receive up to 25% of the debtor's wage earnings using a wage garnishment. Up to 50% for support.

CH: Order to Show Cause And Temporary Restraining Order (Civil Harassment)
$65 first attempt and $10 for each additional attempt. (Non-Family Law)
Notify the defendant of a hearing concerning various issues and restrain until the hearing
Have the court order to protect you, your family, and prevent harassment by the defendant. Civil harassment restraining order services may be ordered right from your home or office location conveniently. 

DV: Order to Show Cause And Temporary

Restraining Order (Uniform Parentage Act)
(Domestic Violence) (Spousal Abuse) $84.99.
Restrain the Respondent from certain conduct until the hearing.
Provide the name of the person to be served along with a picture and the best hours for service. We will
do the rest. Parentage Act & mediation form services are available by using a registered process server. 

Bank Garnishment (Writ of Execution)
$180.00 Sheriff's Filing Fee Included ($40.00).
Garnish the bank account of the debtor.
We do the whole entire process. From Opening the account to closing. It's time to collect. Utilize the experience of our firm to complete this task of getting your judgment. Bank garnishment steps require opening, serving, and closing. 10-day process. Use the best, we are experienced in serving the Bank Garnishment today. 

Summons and Petition
Subject to a minimum fee of $84.99
Obtain jurisdiction of your case by serving the summons and petition for your family law case.
This is a family law matter for your summons and petition and the person may not want the papers. We will chase them down so to speak and guarantee we can get that needed proof of service paper. 

Unlawful Detainer & Prejudgment Claim of Right to Possession
$64.99/Tenant & $65/Unknown Occupants/Tenants. 24 Hours $64.00/Tenant Evict
occupants/tenants and Unknown Occupants/Tenants and place
yourself in peaceful possession of the property
Have The Department serve the 3, 5, 30, 60-day notice on the Unlawful Detainer action. Give us a
call to serve the actual Unlawful Detainer action and Prejudgment Claim. $64.99/tenant


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Skype (@LACPSD Process-Servers) Call from anywhere in the world to have papers served in Los Angeles County, CA. Online Now

ICQ (@lacpsd) Text via WIFI or Hotspot and place your order.



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If you need something served ie: small claims, summons and complaint, family law, or subpoena, in the Los Angeles county area and are requiring a proof of service.



Document retrieval is required for individuals needing proof of judgment or stipulation of a decree. Our rates for this service are very reasonable and in most cases can be done the same day as requested. 



Your defendant/respondent may be the type of person who is in-and-out frequently during the day or may have strange work hours. We can sit a process server in front of the door until they arrive. that way they are sure to get served using our team. 35/Hr 2 Hr minimum

Waiting for a Ride


Our skip tracing is so good, that there is a slim chance we cannot find anyone in all of the United States of America. We will 75% guarantee (about 7-10) that we can locate: Respondent for any family law matter, Respondents for restraining orders, defendants for small claims action if you need to sue them, and summons and complaints lawsuits (only if not homeless). Anyone that is not at the address you have or if you don't have one, no need to worry. We definitely have you covered. 

Moving Boxes


At times there are emergency filings that are requiring a server to actually go to the courthouse and file. When that time comes and you need it delivered, use our firm to perform the action. 



Our skip tracing service is able to locate people who have either skipped town or moved due to a known pending lawsuit, child support, or visitation. We can locate and in all cases serve the document once located. Simply put, We can find anyone 75% Guarantee. Anyone!

Computer Keyboard


Utilize this service when you know exactly what time, date, and location the respondent or defendant will be. Good for child visitation exchanges, meets, events, or return home instances. This fee begins at only $125.00. 



Civil Complaint                 Family Law                      Restraining Orders

  1. Car Accident​

  2. Slip and Fall

  3. Copyright Claims

  4. HOA Community

  5. Shipping Damage

  6. Unjust Enrichment

  7. Legal Fees

Image by Jordan Whitt
  1. Child Support

  2. Child Visitation

  3. Notice of Hearing

  4. Contempt

  5. Spousal Support

  6. Ex Parte Notices

  7. Paternity Result Delivery

  8. Probate

Image by Damir Spanic
  1. DV Restraining Orders

  2. CH Restraining Orders

  3. Permanent 

  4. After Hearing

  5. Continuance 

Each case may have different circumstances. Unlimited attempts at all services requiring proof of service.


Contact the

Los Angeles County

Process Servers Department


3006 S. Vermont Ave. # 241 Los Angeles, CA 90007

Tel:  (213) 349-6995

For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:

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