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Hire a process server in Lancaster, CA

Upload your court documents fast and easy right from your home or office to


the professionals dedicated in serving your court documents. 


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Address Research


Proof of Service Court Approved

Complete your order for a
Process Server in Lancaster, CA.


Serve anywhere in La Mirada, CA for only $150.00


Unlimited attempts per defendant/respondent.

Working from Home

All proofs of services are filed at the courthouse free of charge.  

Process Server Pricing for Lancaster, CA



One attempt every other day.

Unlimited attempts at service.

1st attempt in 3-4 days.




1st attempt within 24 hrs.

Unlimited attempts at service.

Proof of service within 24 hrs. 

Extreme Rush


1st attempt is made same day.

Unlimited attempts at service.

Proof of service same day as served. 

Not sure what is the address for your defendant/respondent?

If you need to know where to begin, because you don't have an address for the person to be served, or you may only have their P.O. box, we can help. We use a professional skip tracing service, and unlike other companies, our skip tracing service takes less than 30 mins to locate. We can locate, attempt, and serve the person. Address searches are not good for homeless people, or for those that do not have a steady residence. It may be useful if you know the name of the person that they may be staying with at the time of you requesting our services. 

How to get the process started.


Upload Documents

Submit the court papers using our online document uploader.


Specify extreme rush, rush or routine.

Your documents may go out the same day, next day or routine.


Receive proofs of service which are filed free at the courthouse.

All proofs of service are filed free of charge for all customers. 


Office/Home Pick-up

Have hard copy of papers? We can dispatch a process server to pick them up. 

Online Orders

Quick easy uploads that takes minutes. Printed and served when specified. 

Same-Day Delivery

3 options that guarantee your papers get served when you need them.

24/7 Support

Our call center is online around the clock. Easy communication throughout the process. 

Satisfying Standards for Service of Process

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Photo Evidence with Each Order

Receive pictures at each location when your documents are being served. Pictures of cars and some defendants.


Knowledge of Each Attempt

With each attempt, we notify you to let you know that an attempt was made and with each prompt subsequent attempt. 


Proofs of Service Filed at Court

Your proof of service is not only filed free of charge, we will send you a conformed copy of your proof of service with each order. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers you need to help you complete your order today. 

Ready, Set, Go!

Submit your order online using our simple and easy to use PDF uploader.

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