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Frequently Asked Questions


1) HOW MANY ATTEMPTS DO WE MAKE? 3-5 Attempts per defendant/respondant.


2) WHAT IF THE PAPERS DO NOT GET SERVED? WHAT HAPPENS? The only way your documents won't get served is if the unit is vacant and void of furniture. If anyone remains on the address property, it's sure to get served. Otherwise, the department will issue a non-service form.


3) WILL I STILL BE CHARGED IF THE PAPERS ARE NOT SERVED? The fees submitted through our department pays for the gas and print fees of address attempts of your documents and are non-refundable once submitted. If there is a problem with the service you still have unlimited attempts, meaning you can simply resend the same case number to us an unlimited amount of times for the same document to have it served.


4) DISCOUNTS FOR MORE THAN ONE PERSON AT AN ADDRESS? The Department does not give discounts for more than one person at an address. We charge a pay-per-proof or PPP fee schedule. Full price for all defendants/respondents at an address. If there are 2 or more at the address, the same fee would apply for each proof of service needed. Discounts are not provided.


5) DO WE SERVE AT P.O. BOXES? No. Yes to only mailbox rental stations ie: CMRA's or Postal Annex locations. All P.O. Boxes are out of the process servers jurisdiction. BUT We have the best skip tracing services for anyone that needs to be located. Our skip tracing is 100 percent guaranteed or your money back and is only $99.99. If you're looking at a PO box, please do not hesitate to give the department a call. We can find anyone in the world with our skip tracing tools.


6) HOW CAN I PAY YOU? Zelle, Check, Cash or Money order only. You may submit a Debit Card. (No Credit Cards) Attorneys may submit a Credit Card or Check for Services of Process Request. We do not accept Paypal.


7) CAN I PAY USING YOUR WEBSITE ONLINE? Payment must be submitted over the phone to our representatives or you may opt to do a check by phone with your checking account number and routing number or mail us a check. Please make all checks payable to LA Process Servers and mail them to the address below. All electronic payments are protected by your bank.



(b)  Mail to: 3006 S. Vermont Ave. # 241 Los Angeles, CA 90007

(c) We can send a courier to pick them up from your home or office if you cannot fax them or email them conveniently or if the file is extremely large to pay for the $0.30/page print fee. {A $30.00 fee will apply}. Please allow 2 hours for the pick anywhere within the borders of Los Angeles County and 2 hours for delivery.



We have various ways that we can process orders for you according to your payment. If you need a document served the same day or before the end of the day of business which is 5 p.m., that would be an extreme rush. Extreme rush fees begin at only $130.00 for the delivery and any additional defendant would be at the normal rate of $85.00 per additional defendant. Rush document delivery is a document delivered within 24 hours or the next day of ordering the service and begins at a rate of $100.00. The document is printed & and delivered either the next day or same-day depending on workload. The same day would be after 5 pm. Last our non-rush which is 3-4 business days to deliver. Typically there needs to be at least 1 week before any court rule for serving papers on a defendant or a respondent. The non-rush fee is the fees listed on our home page website in the table. Any local non-rush rate begins at a rate of $85.00.


10) Are there any additional fees that I need to be aware of before processing my order?

With each order, there is A $0.30/page print fee with each order. We do need 2 copies of the document in order to process it. Why do you need 2 copies? We need two copies because we may need to do substituted service and by law, we need to mail a copy of the document to the defendant at the address. If we have only one copy we cannot properly serve your defendant. So, we ask for two copies which ensures proper service as we cannot pay for the printing of your document. You must provide the copies. Handling fee and Processing. These two fees are broken down for all emailed copies of the document only and does not apply to local pick-ups. Handling is for emailed copies and processing is the mailing fee used to buy the stamp to mail your proof of service either to you or to the courthouse. Handling fees are $2 and the processing fee is $4. These three fees are charged to every emailed or faxed order. You may avoid these fees by requesting a pick up of your document which is free of charge or mailing your document with two copies and a check made payable to LA Process Servers. Notary Fees - $125 Parking Fees 90012, 90017 - $10.00 Courthouse Parking Fee - $25 assessed for all courthouse filing and other services for the courthouse.

11) What if there is a gate or intercom. What do you do then?

If there is a gate or intercom, we will wait 5-10 minutes for someone. If no one arrives, we will leave and make the subsequent attempts. On the last attempt, you may opt to pay an additional $70.00 to have the process server wait at the gate for a person to exit or enter. 

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