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Court Document

One copy of the Summons and Complaint with any other required documents. (All
Statement of Damages with a Summons and Complaint we charge an additional
$85.00 and must be on its own proof of service.

Purpose of Process

The court obtains jurisdiction of the case when the summons and complaint is

Process Server's

Specify the name and address of the defendant; indicate any Trial Court Reduction
time period imposed by the court; list all documents to be served. The plaintiff's attorney or the plaintiff (if the plaintiff doesn’t have an attorney) must sign and date
the instructions.

Manner of Service

Personal Service. Please note: Additional defendants at the same address are
charged the same rate per defendant.

Time for Service

Generally, a Summons must be served within three years after it is issued. However,
the court may require the Summons to be served within a shorter period of time,
e.g., 60 days after issuance in Los Angeles County

Fee Deposit

$50.00 plus $6 handling and processing $0.30/page print fee two copies are
required. If you mail your documents to us, pay only $50.00/flat rate per defendant.



$85.00 or more if served, not found, or canceled.

Proof of Service

The Process Server mails a Proof of Service to the courthouse the summons and
complaints are served. If not served, a Not Found/No Service return is mailed to the
plaintiff explaining the reason for non-service.

Information Guide

A Summons is a process used by the court to obtain jurisdiction in a lawsuit. The Summons also includes an Addendum and Statement Location, ADR, Civil Case Cover Sheet, Exhibits, and other general orders.

Due to a large volume of process, allow the Process Server a minimum of two weeks to make a diligent effort to effect service. Usually, three attempts at service will be made, one of which will be in the evening if necessary. If the Process Server cannot effect service after three attempts or it is determined that the respondent does not live or work at the address, a Not Found fee will be assessed and the process returned
to the plaintiff with a Certificate of Not Found/No Service explaining the reason for non-service. If service is successful, a Proof of Service is mailed to the petitioner indicating the date and time of service.

The Process Server provides a cost-effective, credible service and successfully serves most defendants. However, the case is civil in nature and the Process Server cannot utilize criminal investigative tactics such as stakeouts or computer inquiries (DMV, arrest records, etc.) to serve process. If it is immediately apparent
that the defendant may be evading service, the Process Server will No Service the process, refund the fee deposit, and return the documents to the plaintiff. In this event, the services of a registered process server or a person over the age of 18 years who is not a party to the action should be considered.


  • Fee deposit of $85.00 per defendant or more

  • Two copies of the Summons and complaint and other documents.

  • Instructions

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